Telling Friends and Family You’re Expecting 

As soon as you see that little red cross or the word ‘Pregnant’ flash up on the test, it’s hard to contain your excitement from the world! After buying and taking as many tests as you can get your hands on (just to double and triple check that you aren’t dreaming), you and your partner start to wonder how to tell your loved ones.

Most people want to wait until the 12 week mark when you’ve had your first scan and are reassured everything is progressing as it should, but 12 long weeks seem like a lifetime to wait to share your news with loved ones, especially when you just want to shout it from the rooftops! To make you feel a little better, 12 weeks of secrecy isn’t actually 12 weeks, it’s probably more like 8, as not even the most expensive of tests can detect pregnancy sooner than about 2 days before your missed period. Even though some people swear they can feel the moment of conception! Although a little better than 3, 2 months without telling a soul is hard, Jon and I blabbed to our close family almost straight away so they could share the excitement of seeing how their little grandchild, niece, nephew, brother or sister was developing!

You could scour Pinterest for days searching for exciting and innovative ways to break your amazing pregnancy news to friends and family. We decided when going public at 23 weeks (my bump was only little so could conceal it until then) to facepaint it pink (we were having a girl) with an outline of a baby. We had lots of fun doing this as Jon is quite arty and I enjoyed the tickling from the brush!

Here’s some other ideas which I think are great!

Just Remember…

  • Make sure it’s the right time for you and your partner. You could have waited years for that little miracle growing inside you, or it could be the   best present you never knew you wanted. Friends and families will always have their opinions, just make sure you are ready to take on the world with your little family.
  • Try not to go public without sharing with your boss first!
  • Have lots of fun creating your perfect announcement! Every pregnancy and every baby are unique, so you’ll only do this once.

How did everyone else share their news?

Author: Life With Little One

LEANNE / 24 / UK Full time Mummy to Olivia aka Vivi & Part time Fashionista

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