Ski Essentials: How to make fashion fit

The 20kg luggage allowance is a struggle many women face when packing for that exciting getaway. If lightweight summer swimsuits & kimonos still manage to tip the scales it must be an impossible task to keep heavy duty ski jackets, helmets and salopettes within the limit? Wrong! Apart from begging your man for some space in his case, there is another way to ensure you are ready for the slopes. 
In recent years ski breaks have transformed from a modest tranquil escape for sport lovers to attract some of the most fashion forward people on the planet. People flock to lively resorts across France, Austria and Canada to experience the beautiful pistes by day and the wild aprés sessions by night. Whether it’s your first time on the slopes or you’ve been going for the past 10 years, it’s always handy to know what key items you should be travelling with . So before you drop everything and run for the hills (totally unprepared) here’s my list of this seasons must haves.

Daytime Ski Wear

1)Ski Jacket – The warmer the better, I’d suggest going for something thats a 10k rating or higher.

2)Salopettes- If you prefer the tighter look I would reccomend the embody pants from Dare2b.

3)Thermal Top & Bottom x2

4)Sweatshirt- To wear under your jacket for those extra cold days.

5)Helmet- Better to be safe than sorry!

6)Scarf, Hat, Gloves & Socks- I’m absolutely loving big bobble hats at the moment.

7) Goggles/ Sunglasses- Crucial when it’s snowing.

8) Lip Balm- I use Burts Bees in honey which is available from Boots.
Evening Wear

9) Loungewear- For those chilled evenings back at the chalet infront of the fire.

10) Jeans- I’ve gone with black as they are more diverse.

11) Tops- Not too dressy and not too casual. It tends to be mainly bars and remember you’ve got to walk there in the snow. I’ve opted for a mixture of printed blouses and metallic tops.

12) Boots & Trainers

On top of this you’ll need to pack the basics, but don’t worry there aren’t any specific ski pants you need to get hold of!
Another tip for utilising your luggage allowance is to get hold of a lightweight bag instead of using your classic hard shelled case. These surfanic bags not only look the part, but the stretchy material allows you to cram in any last minute bits without breaking a sweat or worse still breaking the zip!

If you want more on the trends from Courchevel please follow my blog.


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