Welcome to my Walk in

Ever since I hit my teenage years it was always my dream to have a walk in wardrobe. I found myself constantly day dreaming at all the gorgeous and extravegant designs I’d seen on MTV cribs and pintrest and wondered if I’d ever get something like it. Well fast forward a few years to when I moved in with my dream man who made my wishes come true when he turned the spare bedroom of our little house into a lovely dressing room, I felt like I had my very own Mr Big! For those of you who have a spare corner of your house, or if you’d just like some tips on how to organise your wardrobe to make sure those “I’ve got nothing to wear” days are behind you, then I think you’ll like this post. 

It’s really important when choosing what to wear that you have clear visibility of what you already own, so many times I opened my old closets to a dark and cluttered space that is really uninspiring.  If you are really wanting to start a fresh for spring, I would highly recommend getting yourself down to Ikea and treating yourself to one of their PAX walk in wardrobes. Better still is that it’s at a price tag that will still think you are dreaming! I would highly recommend this wardrobe solution as its made to measure with a choice of 2 different height and depths and it’s completely customisable.

We chose to have a corner unit fitted along with a lot of hanging space as the majority of my clothes are dresses or classic blouses so thought that would work best for us. However, there are so many options to choose from so just have a play around on the design tool and see what you most like the look of. The pull out trouser rail and shoe shelf are a really cool addition to keep everything neat and tidy!


So I saved the best until last right? This jewellery draw with a glass case allows you to see all your pieces but protects them from any dust so they always sparkle for that special occasion. Totally feel like I’ve walked into Tiffanys every morning!

If you haven’t got the luxury of a spare room then there are many ways to bring that touch of glamour to your closet. A simple way to create a much more light and airy space is to remove your wardrobe door, who needs it anyway? By doing this you can see so many more clothes and should help you in creating new looks.


I also found wardrobe lighting to be really effective. To make this fuss free I’d opt for a battery light to limit wiring, like the white LED touch operated cupboard light from Tesco. Fairy lights could also look really pretty too.

Remember organising your wardrobe is taking the first step towards beating those ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ days! What’s your dream wardrobe?





Author: Life With Little One

LEANNE / 24 / UK Full time Mummy to Olivia aka Vivi & Part time Fashionista

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